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Data is the New Oil, Recruitment KPIs and GDPR

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Data is a thing very close my team’s heart, and every recruitment leader’s, recruiter’s and recruitment marketer’s.

It should drive decisions and recruitment businesses.  It should definitely drive the best 4Cs into your business (candidates, clients, consultants, cash) – and, of course, content onto your recruitment CRM.

GDPR is kicking the average recruitment leaders’ butt and DATA is key to this.

Growth is key this year too.

I had great chat with Joe McGuire, Sales Director of Cube19 on our Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast. It’s all about data: the good, the bad and the relevant.

We talked about:

  • Fish and KPIs!
  • GDPR (it’s a data-driven initiative)
  • What should data be used for?
  • What should data NOT be used for?
  • Data is the new Oil – says the Economist (although the BBC takes this “new oil” concept to another level) and so does Cube19 – why?
  • Gut-feel versus data – and why does the average recruitment leader not trust their data?
  • What is the plan for Cube19 in 2018?
  • Should you delete your recruitment data?
  • What is the one KPI he would set for a new recruiter in 2018?
  • How can you incentivise your recruiters to “get good” with data?

Cube19 ran an interesting survey on data last year which concluded that recruitment leaders rely on bad data to make their decisions. This is (of course) worrying!  Read the survey here.

Listen to The Podcast Below!

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Thanks to APSCo for hosting this on their blog!

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