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Five KPIs For Your Recruitment Website

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Recruitment leaders and recruitment marketers tell us that they need their websites to deliver revenue, or at least clients and candidates! But often the site simply delivers too many irrelevant job applications and clicks!

We teamed up with Volcanic on this speedy 30 minute webinar to focus you on how to get your recruitment website delivering business-led KPIs. You need more of what we call the 4Cs – candidates, clients, consultants and cash!

Your Recruitment Website Needs KPIs!

Your website needs KPIs – key performance indicators that you can measure its performance by.

Recruitment marketers who set sane KPIs for their recruitment technology are able to:

  • Have more relevant conversations with their board of directors
  • Get buy-in from their recruiters
  • Look themselves in the mirror and say “You rock! You know you do!”

This is a must-watch webinar for recruitment marketers, and their managers, to gather some ideas on how to get more from their website than simply visits, and how to set goals for the website which will be directly in line with the recruitment business’s goals

Watch the webinar here

If Only Recruitment Marketers Were Robots!

KPIs, Scorecards, Job Specs… all crucial, but often under-managed components of staff management and performance. If only people were more like robots… programmable, did as they were told, easier to turn off and on!

Never before has the recruitment workflow been so driven (and distracted) by technology. And the recruitment website sits right at the heart of a recruitment business. It’s the attractor, the engager and the converter, but often it is mismanaged, rarely measured, and certainly, most recruitment marketers don’t set sane goals to measure the success of their website by.

Google Analytics is chock-full of data but often ignored due to “too much data, not enough information” or vanity scores such as minutes spent, pages viewed etc…

Watch the webinar here

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