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GDPR: The End of Recruitment as We Know It!


We ran a very popular webinar with Broadbean that revealed the benefits of GDPR and how you can take advantage.

Spaces filled up quickly for this one! But this is your chance to catch up…

GDPR = Great Data Powering Recruitment!

GDPR is looming, you’ve appointed someone in your business to tackle the issue, and they’re attending all conferences they can in an effort to gen up before May 2018.

Naysayers are predicting GDPR will be the end of recruitment whilst recruitment leaders scramble to understand what they need to do next (or stick their head in the sand and pray it all goes away…)

Enough of the Boring Warnings!

Instead of seeing GDPR as “the end of recruitment”, we see it as “the end of recruitment as we know it”. No more unclean data clogging up your database, no more poor candidate experience turning off your talent, and no more poor processes devaluing your CRM (and ultimately, your recruitment business!).

The recruitment business you’ve always wanted!

GDPR may be daunting, but it brings a great opportunity to get your business working the way you’ve always wanted it to.

Stuart Passmore of Broadbean and Lisa Jones of Barclay Jones teamed up to reveal:

  • What recruitment businesses need to think about before GDPR kicks in
  • The steps you need to take NOW to start preparing
  • How Broadbean have prepared for the impending legislation
  • Why data and technology needs to be your focus in 2018
  • The opportunities GDPR is bringing and how to take advantage!

Watch the webinar below!

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Want more advice on using GDPR and CRMFirst to grow your recruitment business?

We run GDPR workshops for recruitment businesses who need to get a handle on GDPR and develop their own roadmap to compliance and growth in 2018.

Read about our GDPR Recruitment Workshop

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