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GDPR For Recruiters – Facts and Tips with Volcanic’s Neil Pickstone and Barclay Jones

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recruitment GDPR for recruitersI’m delighted to be speaking on my latest podcast with Neil from Volcanic about GDPR. Why am I delighted to be talking about the General Data Protection Regulations? Am I a total geek? Because there is so much online about this, that I felt the need to have a simple method of getting vital facts about GDPR in front of my sector: Recruitment.

Plus, this is a great chance for you to gather some practical ideas on what to do.

Put on a Happy Face

AND – to get GDPR on a more positive stance – yes it will interrupt your business. It will disrupt your day job. It will lose you data (that possibly you aren’t even using).

It will also:

  • Force your recruiters to use your CRMFirst
  • Enable you to create an engaging content plan for your candidates and clients – helping them trust your approach and convert them to be subscribers to you
  • Perhaps wipe out some of your more unscrupulous competitors?

What Did We Discuss?

  • Why is Volcanic talking about GDPR? Why do they care, and what are they doing for the recruitment industry?
  • GDPR: What is the size and the problem for the Recruitment Industry?
  • But what do you need to do BEFORE you start being GDPR compliant?
  • What is the opportunity for recruiters with GDPR? What are the positives? (there are loads!)
  • What is Volcanic doing about GDPR for their recruitment clients?

I’m working with recruiters to help them plan their approach to and opportunity from GDPR. Don’t ignore it… it’ll only be scary and expensive if you do!

Interesting Fact!

Neil told me a stat on cyber attacks and security for the recruitment industry which blew my mind – any ideas how often your website (and hence data) is being attacked? How quickly is the average website attacked after it has gone live for the first time?

Thanks Neil for giving your time and helping recruitment leaders get some facts and practical advice on GDPR in recruitment.

Listen to the Podcast Below!

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