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GDPR Hacks for Bullhorn CRM Recruiters

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Are you a busy recruiter who is sick of this GDPR? (Can you even remember what it is… was it a dream / nightmare?) You’ve barely enough time to get on the phone and now you have to log consent too?  We have a 2 minute hack for you to speed up your day and reduce recruitment admin.

It’s a:

  • God damn protection racket
  • European conspiracy to grind down perfect recruiters!

But, Bullhorn users may find that GDPR actually stands for great data and processes rewarded. Watch this 2 minute video to stay GDPR compliant without adding extra tasks to your workload.

This is a great Bullhorn feature to help you track consent, keep accurate records and keep all of your activity within Bullhorn.  This will really help you speed up process and cut down admin time!

GDPR Fatigue? This Bullhorn Hack Will Save you Time

Watch this two-minute video to discover how this new Bullhorn GDPR feature:

  1. Allows recruiters to easily track which candidates they have requested consent for, received consent for and have been unsuccessful with so they can ensure they are meeting their GDPR obligations.
  2. Allows you to track consent without leaving Bullhorn so you don’t need to worry about using additional systems.
  3. Provides an audit trail and details all actions taken.
  4. Speeds up the process of gathering consent with an automated email feature.
  5. Allows various members of the team to work simultaneously on your GDPR process and encourages everyone to work within the CRM system to save duplicating processes elsewhere.

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