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How Will Recruitment Change in The Next Five Years?

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Recruitment leaders who are keen to maximise the value of their staffing companies in the next 3-5 years need to listen to our Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast with Jason Martin from Safe Computing.

Safe Computing, part of the Access Group, specialises in delivering technology for global staffing organisations, both on a SaaS and in-house software delivery model.

Every Recruitment Leader Needs to Listen to This!

I talked with Jason about some key topics that every recruiter and recruitment leader is thinking about:

  • How will the job of the recruitment consultant change in the next 5 years? How will automation change it?
  • Integration in recruitment systems – what does this really mean and how should it impact on recruiters?
  • Data is “the new oil”! Data economy is the new black… We talked about this “new” concept
  • What do recruitment businesses need to do NOW? We talked about GDPR – some nifty ideas and tips for recruitment leaders in this section of the chat!
  • Too much data, not enough information?
  • What is TempAGo?
  • What are Randstad and Adecco doing with data that may “cut out” the recruitment branch network and reduce their headcount?
  • Which KPI does Jason think is key for every recruiter next year?
  • We talked about the Relationship Economy – is it new?
  • How can a recruitment leader manage their staffing more effectively in 2018?
  • What does the average recruitment leader need to STOP doing this year and nail in 2018?
  • What is $2billion being spent on by ONE recruiter before 2020?

Listen to the Podcast Below!

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