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LinkedIn Spying Isn’t Sneaky… It’s Clever Recruiting!


LinkedIn Recruiter’s Awesome Update Me Button – Helps you Spy

You’re a savvy Recruiter looking to make the most out of your LinkedIn Recruiter Licence. You want to improve speed, keep your clients and talent happy and make more placements (and hence money).

I’ll be looking at using the Update Me feature on LinkedIn Recruiter which will help you keep up to date with your prospects (and basically spy on them without being seen).

Yes, you heard correctly – you are able to follow up to 150 candidates and clients.  They change their profile and you get notified! Conversations will become easier when you know they’ve recently had a birthday or work anniversary!  You’ll see when they are getting promoted, changing employers, updating their skills…

Being a recruiter is all about speed of delivery and keeping your clients and talent happy (oh! and your boss!)

This feature will enable you to be a really effective recruiter using LinkedIn Recruiter.

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Let me know how you get on with the LinkedIn Recruiter Update Me feature. It’s a star!

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