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Source like a Social Media Savvy Jedi

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BIG thanks to Bond International Software for hosting another fab webinar for recruiters!  And this time they took us to hyperspace!

Have you ever wanted to use The Force and source like a social media savvy Jedi?

Jedis are peace-loving problem solvers who rely on simple and calm methods for saving the galaxy.  Perhaps as a recruiter you see yourself in their vein?

Want to know some simple, effective and speedy ways to source talent and contacts (minus the long search strings!) using LinkedInTwitter and Facebook, and whilst still holding your lightsaber?

Our tutorial will lead you from the dark side, keep you a calm Jedi Knight and show you some quick and productive ways to take you on the Jedi path to the sourcing truth – and all with one hand!

Hosted by Bond International Software and presented by Katie CrossRose Megson and Lisa Jones, these three are Barclay Jones’ social media Jedi who through the Jedi act of serving others will help you feel the force of saving the galaxy one-handed! (…Luke Skywalker has nothing on us!)

Do or do not. There is no try. 

Barclay Jones’ Jedi


Who is Lisa Jones?

I support Recruitment Leaders to grow their businesses and improve profitability through effective digital marketing and technology solutions.

Find out more about me on my LinkedIn or view some of my blogs and tutorials! (I have a thing for Bab Fet!)

Who is Rose Megson?

I work with recruitment leaders to select and implement great recruitment technology.

train recruiters to be more effective using LinkedIn, Twitter, Recruitment CRM and Broadbean.

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