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Recruiters! Want to Be Innovative? Could This Be the Key?

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So – Recruiters, recruitment marketers and recruitment leaders talk innovation all of the time – they want to place faster and more profitably…  This podcast is a really speedy and interesting listen to help you focus your attention on what you can actually do to be innovative in your recruitment business.


We have another instalment of the Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast!

I am joined on this episode of the Podcast by Robert Dagge, Managing Director of Dynistics.

Dynistics innovative organisational reporting software, Active Dashboards, allows organisations to monitor, analyse and improve operational performance, achieving major cost savings and efficiencies for their clients.

Recruitment is All About Data

We discussed:

  • Recruitment is all about data
  • How to use data to put the right people in the right place at the right time (and for the right fee!)
  • How can recruiters use data to run their businesses?
  • And is it just about candidate data…? or is it about recruiters, resourcers, managers, your sectors, your business?
  • How can data improve the skillset of a recruitment team manager?
  • How many dashboards does it take to manage a recruiter?
  • How can you get your recruiters get engaged in data without distracting them away from selling?
  • What’s “innovation” in recruitment? Everyone is talking “AI” in recruitment… what does Rob think?
  • How can data improve the candidate, client and recruiter experience?
  • What’s the ONE THING Rob feels recruiters can do NOW with data to make a drastic improvement to their businesses?
  • We of course discussed GDPR – what does Rob think about GDPR? He made some really valid points about sales and process improvements
  • What’s a perfect Data KPI?

Listen to the Recruitment Leaders’ podcast below!

Many thanks to Robert and the Dynistics team for being a part of our Recruitment Leader’s Podcast!

Listen to the rest of the Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast

Want practical tips for generating leads from your data post-GDPR? Download our latest webinar!

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Thanks to APSCo for blogging about this!

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