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Is This How To Get Your Recruiters Using Your Recruitment Software and Hitting Their KPIs?

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Recruitment leaders who want to scale and grow their businesses through their data, recruitment systems, and of course people, need to listen to this 15 minute podcast.

It’s crucial that your team engages with your recruitment software and generates the process and management information you need – this podcast contains some insight into how recruiters and their leaders can be more effective with their people, systems and data.

As a business the Barclay Jones team spends a lot of time in the board room and training room talking to recruiters about their Recruitment CRM. We find the same challenges over and over and so wanted to put the common obstacles together and share our thoughts on how you can overcome these challenges in your recruitment business.

In this podcast, Chloe Reynard and I of Barclay Jones discuss the key issues that prevent Recruiters from being “addicted” to their CRM system, creating great data and using that data to make money. It will be 16 minutes out of your day, and will give you some sustainable ideas to save you time and money.

Chloe and I are both Recruiter Success Trainers at Barclay Jones, and help recruiters with their Adapt, Bullhorn systems, as well as LinkedIn success and attracting candidates through job adverts. One of our key goals is to train recruiters how to be effective using their CRM. We train recruiters to use systems to create more phone and face time – and to hit their KPIs!

Why doesn’t my team of recruiters use our Recruitment CRM?

So, you’re a recruitment leader who needs to see your CRM engagement improve. This will lead to more candidates, clients and cash. In this podcast, Chloe quizzed me on:

  • Why doesn’t my team of recruiters use our Recruitment CRM?
  • How has recruitment technology changed over the last few years and what impact has this had on the businesses they have worked with?
  • Why are recruiters still using spreadsheets?
  • Why is recruitment office culture important to effective adoption?
  • Why do recruitment leaders need to improve adoption of systems?
  • And how do they improve adoption?
  • Are there any quick wins to get my recruiters using my CRM and hitting their KPIs?

With GDPR, recruiter retention and wanting to grow before 2020, recruitment leaders need some practical and sustainable advice for how to get their teams and systems more connected to sales-led processes.

Listen to this Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast

Thanks Chloe for being such a great interviewer!

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