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What Can You Change in 2017 to Become More Successful?

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We ran a great webinar with APSCo today to show recruitment leaders what they can stop doing to save time, improve profit and become happier in 2017.

Of course we asked a few questions to find out how our recruitment leader community is feeling about 2016, and there are some interesting statistics flying around:

  • 55% aren’t measuring ROI, and 17% didn’t really know what they should be measuring!
  • 54% feel like change isn’t being managed well within their business
  • 86% say the systems they’re buying are benefitting their recruiters… but only 50% have any objectives or goals for their recruitment tech? This smacks of a lack of relevant expectations.

We sense a disconnect here – if ROI isn’t being measured and no goals are in place, how do we know what success looks like?

We also asked what our attendees plan to do differently next year, or what they’d like to stop doing in 2017. Lots of clever goals for next year! Recruitment leaders plan to:

  • Upgrade or change their CRM systems
  • Stop wasting time and money on bad (or too many!) job boards
  • Make sure their recruiters are engaging with the CRM for sourcing
  • Upgrade their websites and focus on great marketing
  • Stop getting distracted and start measuring ROI

…and our personal favourite “smash it in 2017!

If you want to become more effective and profitable with your tech, marketing or recruiters next year, get in touch and we’ll set up a free consultation to address this.

Want to sign up for our next webinar? Click here to find out 5 things recruiters need to stop doing with their job adverts.

If you missed the webinar, catch up below now.

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