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Sourcing from your CRM with AirSourceOne


Lisa was asked to be on AirSource‘s Radio Show to talk about Recruitment CRM.

We’re passionate about recruitment tech and software creating a USP for a recruitment company, and working with IT and recruitment leaders improve speed, process and ROI.

This adds nicely to our existing Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast bank on Soundcloud.

Who is this Podcast for?

You’ll get value from this podcast if you run a recruitment business, manage an IT team in recruitment. manage a team of recruiters… in fact, if you’re a recruiter!

What did Lisa and AirSource discuss?

  1. Do recruiters have enough technology?
  2. Why does Lisa think you should expect more from your Recruitment CRM and Software?
  3. How can recruiters use their existing platforms more effectively?
  4. What are Lisa’s top tips for CRM to be used more effectively?
  5. Your CRM data is King, but often not really worth sourcing from – what’s to be done? Should there be barriers to entry? Lisa talks about your three options for “data migration success”
  6. Can you expect a return on investment from LinkedIn with the new LinkedIn?
  7. How can recruiters get more engaged in social (and more importantly, why?)


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