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What’s Going to be the Coolest Innovation for Recruiters in 2018?


recruitment technology predictions 2018I’ll be speaking at the UK Recruiter Conference this month to explain how you can become innovative in 2018 – and how it will help you grow your recruitment businesses.

What Is Going to Be the Coolest Innovation for Recruiters in 2018?

In recent years to say that technology has been innovative is an understatement – and recruitment has run along behind trying to keep up.

With over 27,000 recruitment firms in the UK alone it’s vital that your approach to recruitment technology is about creating a USP and increasing profit.

95% of recruiters have no answer to the question: “Why are you different?” John Rose, Vered Consulting

Recruitment leaders need a USP to attract clients, candidates, staff and investors to their business. Stand out from your competition, become known for innovation and crucially, make 2018 even more successful than 2017.

I’ll be speaking on:

  • What innovation really looks like in recruitment
  • How it can set you apart from the competition to attract clients and candidates
  • Creating a USP for your recruitment business
  • The top five innovations you need to watch out for in 2018

Register for the UK Recruiter Recruitment Conference here.

Can’t attend the conference, but want to know how you can create a USP in your recruitment business?

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