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Barclay Jones 10 lessons about recruitment and business

10 Years of Recruitment in 2 minutes!

Recruiters, recruitment leaders, recruitment marketers – I normally have a rule of creating an “interest generating statement” at the top of all of my recruitment blogs… but to be honest I have no idea how to start a blog about ME with something that may interest you!  Apart from, perhaps, the lessons I have learned… Read more »

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Is This How To Get Your Recruiters Using Your Recruitment Software and Hitting Their KPIs?

Recruitment leaders who want to scale and grow their businesses through their data, recruitment systems, and of course people, need to listen to this 15 minute podcast. It’s crucial that your team engages with your recruitment software and generates the process and management information you need – this podcast contains some insight into how recruiters… Read more »

Data is the New Oil, Recruitment KPIs and GDPR
Podcasts Podcasts

Data is the New Oil, Recruitment KPIs and GDPR

Data is a thing very close my team’s heart, and every recruitment leader’s, recruiter’s and recruitment marketer’s. It should drive decisions and recruitment businesses.  It should definitely drive the best 4Cs into your business (candidates, clients, consultants, cash) – and, of course, content onto your recruitment CRM. GDPR is kicking the average recruitment leaders’ butt and DATA… Read more »

Award: UK Recruiter Agency Influence Of The Year

UK Recruiter Agency Influencer of the Year

I am flipping delighted that we have won the UK Recruiter Blog of the Year Award for “Agency Influencer” As well as the work we do with recruitment and IT leaders, we get a real kick out of working with marketers of all levels in recruitment. Content is king is often used as a mantra… and we love… Read more »

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