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How to Attract IT Talent without being Talented in IT

Generate recruitment sales leadsI was delighted to be invited by APSCo to talk at their IT Forum for IT recruiters in London. They asked me to talk to their members about “How to Attract IT Tech Talent without Being Talented in IT”.

Now being a recruitment advocate, an ex-IT Director, a proud geek – and on the whole pretty bossy, I was delighted to be given such a great topic. Recruitment and tech is something I am really passionate about.

I asked if the tech recruiters in the room felt that their tech talent expected them to be talented in IT – looks of fear!

We talked about the “buyers” (candidates, clients, investors and prospect recruiters) journey and what you as a tech recruiter need to think about in order to attract, engage and convert

We discussed a case study of a retail client who has created their own tech recruiting strategy and now does 70% of their own tech recruitment (ironically the recruiter of that client was in the room) – and how all of this can be avoided with a practical strategy

Greg Savage got a mention (he gets everywhere!) – “Recruiter Equity” (love it!)

And I shared some really practical tips on how to attract tech talent without being talented in IT (social, website, mailers, content, job adverts)

Reading this and not in tech? …read it again and replace the word “tech” with your own sector… it’ll do you good!

APSCo asked me to hit head on this massive challenge their members face. Whatever your goals, be they candidate attraction, lead generation, becoming more profitable or increasing placements – improving your attraction strategies is critical. Sourcing can be time consuming and littered with so many bits of kit your recruiters never get on the phone!

A team of effective talent magnet-recruiters will source talent quickly, generate convertible leads and place more candidates.  And your brand will create this “equity” which Greg (and I) think is critical.

Some Stats to Focus you, IT Recruiters!

BEFORE applying:

  • 77% of applicants will check your website – are you attracting and engaging me and or just boring me with recruitment stories?
  • 72% of applicants will  want to know about your values and culture – can you demonstrate your purpose and your passion for my industry?

(Thanks LinkedIn for the stats)


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