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6 LinkedIn Group Types you may want to Consider

6 LinkedIn Group Types you may want to Consider

LinkedIn is clearly a winner for many recruiters and sales professionals, being 12th on the Alexa.com ranking and having 170m+ people on it worldwide… so many people. There are also 1.4m groups on LinkedIn, so which you should you join, and what should you be looking for?

These are the 6 types of groups I have categorised and they are not all sector based. They range from The Yorkshire Mafia (LinkedIn’s most productive group), to the Netball Network and the Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections group (with over 1m members).

We really need to keep in mind that most people on social media are in it for their own reasons (they do not log on to see what you think – unless of course you’re a celebrity with views that people tune in to read about…). Most people on social media are in it for themselves, so you need to think about where they are likely to hang out. They could be there for a variety of reasons: networking, their mates are there, they joined 6 months ago and have never really contributed. 20% of them may be there to look for work – the other 80% are NOT there for jobs or to be sold to.

Have a think about the following 6 group types I have identified and then maybe nip into LinkedIn and see what you can find.

  1. Your job: Recruitment, Marketing, Finance (whatever your role)
  2. Your sector: what sector(s) do you support – IT, Sales, HR
  3. Hobbies: not everyone joins LinkedIn to look for a job, 80% of users are passive
  4. Geographic: many LinkedIn users join groups in their own locality.
  5. Alumni: many LinkedIn users join groups where they attended school / college / university
  6. Brain food: what groups could you join to help you develop your work skills?

The point of being in a group is not to flog stuff – it’s to promote yourself, your offering, find contacts, learn things and ultimately be part of a community… sounds fluffy? Few people ever make a sale by walking into a room full of people and yelling.

Would you add anything to this?

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