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No Women in Tech? What the Heck!?

Deloitte Predictions for the Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT) sectors is in its fifteenth year.  I’ve attended some of the big events they hold… which in recent times have been migrated to video.

As a #GirlGeek and previously an IT director, I’ve watched with interest the different technologies which we have morphed from and to.

Brick-sized mobiles with antenna you could dry your undies on, LinkedIn being banned in my first recruitment firm as it was not as good as the CRM (!), Blackberries being Purple with a dial on the side (and desirable!)

In the fifteenth edition of the predictions, one element really caught my eye – women in technology.

I have lots of clients in Gaming and IT Recruitment and their content plans are full of ideals around help women establish themselves in technical sectors.

To be honest, I was expecting an article along the lines of “it’s getting better, but not by much” but oh my! The horror of the stats Deloitte has compiled from numerous sources tell a different story.

If you’re into this as a topic (then you get a sticker!) read the full article. Here’s a precis for you time-starved recruiters. (The previous link contains links to all of the stats too).

  • Deloitte predicts that fewer than 25% of IT jobs in developed countries will be held by women
  • This will cost the UK $4billion annually
  • We have 1.2million IT jobs in the UK (put that in your pipe and smoke it if you think your average 1,000 IT connections on LinkedIn means you’re a great recruiter)
  • We lag behind the US, Sweden and Canada, in the % of women we have in IT
  • In 1985 37% of US IT grads were women – in 2013….. wait for it…. 18% – shocking…
  • It seems that even Google is sexist – in that it gives the more prestigious jobs to men rather than women
  • Both men and women are currently twice as likely to hire a man over a woman into an IT role
  • Interestingly any assumptions we may make about women being harder to keep in jobs because they are “prone to babies” are wrong – 62% of women in IT do NOT have children, as opposed to 57% of men…
  • What a shame that a US study found that 45% of women are more likely to leave their IT role within a year!
  • And here’s the usual pay gap analysis – 79 cents to the dollar ladies!
  • Only 14% of CIOs in the UK are women

Something to Mull Over

The most popular “known brands” in tech are pushing more boundaries – great – they have a higher percentage of women in tech than they did last year.

What this means though, is that the smaller enterprises are getting worse – the figures tell us that the number of women in technology roles is dropping, even though the bigger, high profile businesses are making efforts

Recruiters! Ask Yourselves

  • What are you going to do with this data?
  • What do you think? Is it a true reflection of what you see/feel/hear?
  • What are you doing to highlight this as an issue for your talent and clients?
  • How do your clients feel about this?
  • And how do your female techies feel about it?

My Prediction for Women in Technology?

I predict that I am going to be continually researching this, looking for content to share with my tech / IT recruiters.  I predict that I’m going to be upset about the decline.

And I predict that we’ll be talking about this for a long while…  Shame (understatement!)

Thanks to APSCo for posting.

What do you think?

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