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Selecting the Best Recruitment CRM

The Top-Secret Method to Choosing the Best Recruitment CRM

Recruitment leaders come to us asking for the secret to choosing “the best” recruitment CRM in the industry. The fact is recruitment businesses have a varied range of tech at their disposal, so the problem lies not in which is the best, but which is the best CRM for your business. 50% of recruitment leaders told… Read more »

recruitment website

4 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Recruitment Website

With Google for Jobs, GDPR and Brexit really “helping” Recruitment leaders focus on a sustainable recruitment business model, your website has become front and centre of your marketing.  You need it to make you money and not simply build your brand and clicks. With the launch of the new Barclay Jones website, I’ve been waxing… Read more »

key rules recruitment crm implementation

Making your Recruitment CRM Upgrade Project a Success

You’ve had your CRM for longer than you’ve had most of your employees and you’re hearing lots of the same moans and groans: “it’s not working” “it’s always crashing” “I can’t find any candidates in it” “my 1980’s Atari felt more up to date” “there is no management info because no one’s using it!” The decision has… Read more »

recruitment crm bond adapt bullhorn

3 Common Mistakes You’ll Make Implementing Your Recruitment CRM

The biggest nightmare a recruitment leader can face when implementing a shiny new CRM system is watching everything fall apart on the ‘go live’ date. Recruiter process interrupted, everyone looking to you for answers, money going down the drain – it’s enough to turn anyone grey. Imagine a CRM that returns no searches, holds all the wrong… Read more »

Recruitment Leaders...Is Poor Project Management Making an ASS out of U_

Making an Ass out of U and Me

The recruitment sector is growing, and recruitment leaders want to upgrade their recruiting software, speed up process and make their recruiters more effective. This means spending cash, allocating time and finding resource to deliver these projects to make all of this happen. Buying a new bit of recruitment software is simply part of the process… Read more »

recruitment technology

How to Stuff up Recruitment Technology Projects (Part 1)

Google “how to cock up a project” and you find hundreds of articles about projects hitting the dust due to poor project management. The outcomes of a recruitment technology project “stuff up” (translated so we don’t appear in too many inappropriate searches) are far reaching and not restricted to: Hair loss Reduced reputation and reduced trust in the… Read more »

recruitment technology

How to Stuff up Recruitment Technology Projects (Part 2)

I blogged recently about how Recruitment Technology projects easily fall foul of a lack of planning, objectives – if ever there was an obvious statement!. There are other risks to a these projects which can cause massive disruption, increased costs and overall prevent recruitment businesses from achieving their growth targets. These are often people related. People can really… Read more »

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