Bullhorn Training

Is Your Bullhorn CRM “First”

You need your staff to capitalise on Bullhorn.  They need to see Bullhorn as a critical recruitment tool.

Two thirds of people who left their jobs last year claimed “lack of training” was the issue.  Your recruiters need Bullhorn Training to be more effective and profitable.

You want your Bullhorn CRM to be your first system for sourcing, nurturing and placing. You need trained staff, clean, monetised data, and speedy workflows.  You want BullhornFirst.

We deliver the best Bullhorn Training.  Our goal is to create more successful recruiters with a BullhornFirst culture.

We are Bullhorn Marketplace Partners and have a successful proven process for delivering Bullhorn Training and Recruiter Success.

Start with a Bullhorn Discovery

We kick off your BullhornFirst project with a Bullhorn Training Discovery.

We’ll review your data, your Bullhorn usage, your people, and your workflows. You don't just want trained recruiters. You need:

  • Improved speed

  • Cleaner data

  • Visible pipelines

...plus happier, engaged, and effective recruiters.


Workflows, Not Just Features

Our Bullhorn Training is focused on the behaviours recruiters need to deliver profit.

  • attraction and sourcing

  • candidate management and retention

  • job and account management

  • management information reports

  • time and task management


Our Bullhorn Training - WIIFM

We deliver “WIIFM” (what’s in it for me) Bullhorn Training. Your recruiters need to understand how Bullhorn will drive their pipeline.

We deliver Bullhorn Training through a blend of face to face workshops, hands-on
online sessions, and high energy short HIIT (high intensity interval training).  We deliver new user induction training, refresher training, and consultative business process change training.


Bullhorn – for Your Trainers

We can help your in-house training team and super users develop and deliver best-in-class Bullhorn Training.

We increase confidence and improve training methods.

“We now have a clear process of how we are going to use and train our CRM.  We have an increased confidence and knowledge of the system.”


Bullhorn Hacks

Recruiters love our Bullhorn insights and hacks. 

Our Bullhorn Media Centre contains speedy tips on how to use Bullhorn more effectively: sourcing, time management, pipeline and account management, managing your recruiters, data hygiene, etc… 

You can also watch our Bullhorn webinars and listen to our Bullhorn Podcasts.


Our Other Recruitment Training

We deliver the best recruitment training for CRM, LinkedIn, Job Adverts, Email Marketing, Content, and Inbound Sales.

Our goal is to make recruiters more successful.

Two thirds of people who left their jobs last year claimed “lack of training” was the issue.  We deliver recruitment training to improve recruiter success and retention.