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We Deliver the Best Recruiter Training

2/3 of people who left their jobs last year claimed "lack of training" was the issue. Hence, it's key that you train your recruiters to deliver profitable workflows.

Recruiters tell us that we deliver the best recruitment training. We train recruiters to deliver the 4Cs - candidates, clients, colleagues and cash!

  • We help your recruiters use their CRM first through our Adapt and Bullhorn Training.

  • We help you generate more sales through our Inbound Sales, Email Marketing, LinkedIn, Job Adverts and Content training.

  • We'll also support your Recruitment Trainers with our "Train the Trainer" programs.

We are an innovative and well respected team of recruitment trainers with a passion for making recruiters more successful.

Best Adapt Training Best Bullhorn Training Barclay Jones

The Best Adapt and Bullhorn Training

We are Erecruit Adapt and Bullhorn Partners and our clients tell us that we run the best training. We will train your recruiters to engage with Adapt and Bullhorn, use it first.

You want cleaner data, healthier pipelines, speedier workflows, and happier recruiters, managers, clients and candidates.

We would absolutely recommend Barclay Jones; they are the most professional trainers we have come across. Now we have a partner who understands our recruitment business, our system and how we use it.

And we've launched Recruitment HIIT - OnDemand Recruitment Training - initially for Adapt clients, with the rest of our recruitment training coming in 2020.


​​Inbound Sales Training

"Get on the phone" is the mantra of many recruitment leaders. Recruiters need more phone and face time - but often feel like they are drowning in technology and data. Our Inbound Sales Training delivers some great hacks to help recruiters generate genuine convertible leads. Recruitment Leaders say:

My team are now more confident about picking up the phone and generating warm calls through innovative ways of using digital marketing tools.

​This Inbound Sales training will help you generate more phone and face time.


Best LinkedIn for Recruiters Training Barclay Jones

LinkedIn Training

We help recruiters reduce time on, and increase value from, LinkedIn.

  • Many recruiters are spending 60% of their day using LinkedIn (this equates to an average of £15,000 per year using a free system - and still not placing all of their jobs!)

  • 89% of recruitment leaders are concerned about the effectiveness of their recruiters, whilst 94% of leaders can’t see the ROI from LinkedIn

Our clients tell us that we run the best LinkedIn training courses.

I’ve been using LinkedIn for years – this training totally opened my eyes to things my team and I could be doing a lot better and faster.


​Job Adverts Training

Job adverts have a job to do - attract passive talent, interested clients and also recruiters to join your recruitment business. And with the advent of Google for Jobs, your job advert copy, and approach to marketing your job adverts, has never been more critical.

We’ve had every job board out there training my recruiters to write better job adverts. Barclay Jones’ Job Adverts Training was a total eye opener and I know will deliver talent we’ve not attracted before.

​This Job Adverts training is crucial if you want to decrease your job board budget and increase your relevant job application rates.

best job-adverts-training-for-recruiters barclay jones

Email marketing training for recruiters barclay jones

Email Marketing (Eshots) Training

Effective eshots and mailshots are an important part of your sales workflow.  They should generate warm calls, not just admin.

I’m delighted that my recruiters benefited from this email marketing workshop. The impact is more contract and permanent roles with new clients, more interviews, and a lot of contacts, all of which we had not worked with in the past.

This training is a valuable investment to generate more speed, warm calls and fees.


Content Marketing

  • 96% of recruitment leaders want to increase the phone and face time of their recruiters

  • 86% of recruitment marketers get little buy-in from their leaders and recruiters, and don't have the correct content to convert

It was great to see realisation dawning about how easy content could be and how essential it might be rather than just the ‘marketing’ exercise they had perhaps deemed it to be.

Our Content Training Workshops delivers speedy hacks to recruiters to help them attract and convert the candidates and clients they need to deliver their pipeline.

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recruitment train the trainer barclay jones

Train the Trainer

As a team of professional recruitment trainers, we are in a great place to help your trainers, superusers, and champions to be more effective in their roles. We share the sames goals - to make recruiters more successful.

The Train the Trainer workshops were brilliant. We absolutely loved it. We couldn’t speak better of the trainer. It was thoroughly enjoyable, interactive, collaborative. Everyone was enjoying, engaging, participating.

We can mentor your in-house trainers to deliver our Adapt, Bullhorn, Inbound Sales, LinkedIn, Job Adverts, Email Marketing training.


Recruiter Success Tips

Recruiters, their leaders and marketers, love our recruitment and marketing tips and hacks.

We run free recruitment training webinars, have a Recruitment Podcast with industry guests, and create short 1-minute video hacks, to help busy recruiters improve speed, conversions and placements.

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