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Recruiters! Are you a LinkedIn Groupie?

LinkedIn for Recruiters Groups StrategiesRecruiters are addicted to LinkedIn – but are they getting value from LinkedIn Groups? Here are some strategies to be a LinkedIn Groupie.

You’re  probably one of the 500 million people on LinkedIn.  It is likely that you are also in one of the 2 million groups, but what are you actually getting from being a member?

LinkedIn Groups: huge amounts of people supposedly networking and gaining value from being part of a community.  I often find though that the average recruiter has maxed out their memberships and has become a groupie.

Now, I am a fan of knowing the meaning of words and if you have been on any of my training sessions you’ll hear me refer to recruiters being groupies.  I looked this up the other day and was shocked at the true meaning (yes, I am naive) – click here to see the wiki definition of a groupie.

So first, apologies 😉

Second, here are my thoughts about how the average recruiter needs to be more strategic about groups on LinkedIn.

  • Yes you can join up to 50 parent groups and 20 sub-groups, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should.  Can you really get involved in that many communities?
  • Being on LinkedIn should be seen as a strategic task, not a box ticking exercise – “I’ve maxed out my groups therefore I’m networking” is so wrong.
  • When I run my sessions I run polls on whether these recruiters actually post content to groups – my current stats:
    • only 15% of recruiters post (non-job related) content to groups every week – shocking!
    • 78% of recruiters post jobs to groups every week – not surprising!

…So it’s the usual #job #job #job #hiring chat and very little else.

What’s your strategy for being a group member?  Do you actually have one?

Again, if you’ve been on my sessions, or read any of my blogs you’ll know that I compare being on social media to be like dating.  Ergo, with LinkedIn groups, the average recruiter currently goes to loads of parties, stands outside the door (not looking their best), and trying to grab people at the entrance – not the ideal strategy for trying to get a hot date!

These are the reasons (in the very least) that you should be joining and taking part in groups:

•       Raising your profile

•       Post / Source jobs for free

•       Searching for talent, contacts, jobs and content

•       Contact other group members

•       Connect without contact details

•       Keeping up to speed – research

•       Monitor ideal contacts without being connected (yes, you can do this!)

Do you have any other reasons for being a group member?  I’d love to hear about them?  What’s your strategy for groups on LinkedIn?  How many groups are you a member of?  And do they actually deliver?


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