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Recruitment Leader Q&A Roundup

I was delighted to be asked by The Undercover Recruiter to be part of their Recruitment Leader Q&A series for January.

They asked me a number of questions, and I wanted to summarise my answers here. You can view everyone’s answers by clicking the titles below – lots of great advice!

There’s food for thought here for recruitment leaders, recruitment marketers and recruiters, especially if their goals are lead and sales generation, talent attraction, improved speed etc…

Things Recruiters MUST Not Do in 2017

“I have real “thing” about what to stop in 2017…

Writing poor adverts and justifying this with the “it’s admin” statement, blogging and tweeting without having anything innovative or interesting to say, leaving marketing only to marketers, not entering awards like you mean to win, telling me you are sick of distraction and disruption but then using too much kit to source / place, too many systems and not enough process.

Stop measuring ROI incorrectly – cash and placements are not the only way to measure success, even though they are clearly critical. And stop assuming that younger recruiters have a handle on tech – they may do, but do they have a handle on recruiting and selling with it?”

13 Recruitment Trends You MUST Know for 2017

“New recruitment trends? I’m hoping for innovation without tech! What I mean by this is getting to grips with process, rather than the current trend of FOMO (fear of missing out) and hence using every bit you can lay your hands to source talent.”

12 Tips for New Recruiters Tackling NEW Business Development

“Network, network, network. Don’t be afraid to call clients and ask them questions about their sector. Have a chat with them and THEM, not you. And do more with LinkedIn Groups – share decent content and comment on others’ content to market yourself effectively. But in all cases – spend as much time on the phone and with clients and candidates as possible. Oh! And remember their birthdays!”

How to Secure Exclusive Roles From Clients

“Not a tip as such, as a tip denotes something quick…
Having a really clean and viable talent pool on your database.
Having one which you have nurtured and kept warm… one that needs you, is massively valuable to your clients.”

Which KPIs Should 3rd Party Recruiters Track?

“Along with the usual “CV Sends” and interviews, I feel that we need to get some digital KPIs added to the list. Every recruitment leader wants to drive more viable talent into their CRM, to create a legacy – an asset – which is worth something to their clients, hence a great recruiter KPI is the cleanliness of data on the CRM.”

Thanks Undercover Recruiter for valuing our content – it’s great to be part of the recruitment influencer community

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