Recruitment Marketing Training

We coach, mentor and train all levels of marketer, in innovative recruitment marketing strategies to improve brand, leads, sales and profit. Less colouring in, more ROI.

We help Recruitment Marketers generate the 4Cs - candidates, clients, colleagues and cash!

We help you create and tune your recruitment marketing engine: SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Recruitment Websites, Recruitment Awards, Internal Recruitment Marketing Strategy, and Email Marketing - all of them focused on candidate, client, and colleague attraction and conversion.

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About Our Recruitment Marketing Training

Marketing within a Recruitment business needs to be sales-led. We deliver innovative and commercially-focused mentoring and training to help recruiters and their marketers be more successful.

  • Recruitment Leaders want to improve growth and profit.

  • Recruitment Marketers want to improve brand, and generate leads.

  • Recruiters want to improve their talent pools, speed and pipeline.

We are focused on helping Recruitment Marketers deliver ROI.

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What Marketers Say About Our Recruitment Marketing Expertise

  • Daniel Dawkins

    Marketing Training
    Aspire People

    Any recruiter who wants to improve their marketing process and refine their recruitment practice should get in touch with Barclay Jones.

  • Janine Owen

    Marketing Training

    Lisa helped me move from tactics to strategy, and to generate buy-in.  She has been a big part of mine, my team’s development, and Search’s journey.

  • Eva-Rode Hilbert

    Marketing Training
    ISE Partners

    ​We really liked Barclay Jones’ action-focussed approach to recruitment marketing.  They benchmarked us, and helped us understand the results we could get. 

  • Andrew Yarwood

    Recruitment Marketing

    After working with Barclay Jones I have more confidence in what I am doing, and in the ability to know the questions to ask. I can rely on Lisa – she has challenged my team and I to develop award-winning strategies – we won the Recruiter Award for best marketing team. My time with Barclay Jones in three words? Fun, insightful, delivering."

Best Recruitment Marketing Mentoring Barclay Jones

Our 3-Step Recruitment Marketing Program

Step 1: Discovery

We'll review your purpose, people, process, data, and systems. Find opportunities to improve speed and pipeline. Reduce costs and reliance on external systems and data. Create your first 90 day "Rock" - issues to be fixed, and ideas to help you drive your recruiting and sales pipelines.

Step 2: HIIT

High intensity interval training delivered via a 90-day mentoring to deliver speedier sales-led marketing strategies. Generate more phone and face time for recruiters. More opportunities to bill and grow.

Step 3: Turbo

Specific sales-led projects, to monetise your systems and data. Candidate / client / colleague: attraction, engagement, conversion, retention.

Recruitment Marketing Mentoring Delivering the 4Cs

Recruitment Marketers and their Leaders tell us that we deliver the best recruitment marketing mentoring. We train marketers to deliver the 4Cs - candidates, clients, colleagues and cash! We advise and train on key projects such as:

  • We help you win awards with our Recruitment Awards training.

  • We improve the ROI of your recruitment website with our Website Project Management mentoring and SEO training.

  • We generate leads through our Content Marketing training.

  • We help you attract and engage recruiters for your own business with our Internal Attraction strategies.

  • We increase recruiters' phone and face time through our Email Marketing Strategy training.

  • We increase your followers, leads and opportunities through effective Social Media Strategy training.

We are an innovative and well respected team of recruitment and marketing trainers who increase confidence in marketing - we connect sales and marketing to create an effective commercially-focused team.

Daniel Dawkins

Marketing Training

Listen to Daniel Dawkins!

Any recruiter who wants to improve their marketing process and refine their recruitment practice should get in touch with Barclay Jones.