Recruitment Marketing Training

Recruitment Marketing Training and Mentoring

Recruitment Marketers and their Leaders tell us that we deliver the best recruitment marketing mentoring and training. We train marketers to deliver the 4Cs - candidates, clients, colleagues and cash! We advise and train on key business growth projects.

  • We increase recruiters' phone and face time through our Email Marketing Strategy and Content Marketing training.

  • We help you win awards with our Recruitment Awards Strategies and Training.

  • We improve the ROI of your recruitment website with our Website Project Management mentoring and SEO training.

  • We help you attract and engage recruiters for your own business with our Internal Attraction strategies.

  • We increase your followers, leads and opportunities through effective Social Media Strategy training.

We are an innovative and well respected team of recruitment and marketing trainers who increase confidence in marketing - we connect sales and marketing to create an effective commercially-focused team.

Start with a Marketing Discovery

We kick off your Recruitment Marketing Strategy and Mentoring with a Discovery. You need to be clear on the opportunities you have to improve and the ROI it will have on your recruitment business.

We benchmark you over 11 key areas: including, website and SEO, content, job adverts, internal recruitment, lead generation, candidate marketing, email marketing, social media, competitors, recruiter success...

We follow with a Digital Recruitment Marketing Strategy Workshop for your stakeholders to deliver our ideas on your annual recruitment marketing strategy, and focus on what we call your first 90 day "Rock" - issues to be fixed, and ideas to help you drive your recruiting and sales pipelines.

They “get” the problems that we face and have never recommended a solution that we didn’t need. We trust them.


Recruitment Marketing Mentoring

Through our Recruitment Marketing Academy, our mentoring and coaching ensures that your recruitment marketing strategy is commercially-focused and delivers excellence and ROI – it even helps our clients win awards for their marketing departments!

We love working with recruitment marketers – whether they be global heads of marketing looking for strategic guidance, or marketing executives wanting to generate the 4Cs - candidates, clients, colleagues, and cash. They all want to stay current, impress and engage their recruiters, generate leads, talent and ROI for their business. They want to be more than just a “colouring-in-department”.

We have bridged the gap between sales and marketing. We are delivering on time, taking ownership, and have respect from the sales floor.​


Recruitment Awards

Research shows winning an award can increase sales by 37% – and simply becoming a finalist can increase sales by 17%! We are judges for some recruitment awards, and are an award-winning company, so know what it takes to win.

As part of our Recruitment Marketing Training, we advise which awards are genuinely going to add value to your business, coach you on the copy that's needed to get you to the finals, and develop a strategy to get that crucial ROI.

We now have a plan, and a more structured approach to our awards strategy.  It has given us a “kick up the bum” and we have new ideas about awards which will demonstrate our specialisms and niche.​


​Website Project Management

Recruitment websites are the key to a successful candidate, client and colleague attraction and conversion strategy. They should make money too!

These projects can be very exciting, but also extremely time consuming. You need recruitment technology and digital marketing experts to ensure your website is monetised.

We can write the copy and content for your website too! This is the most time consuming task (and along with SEO ) is a critical part of your strategy to reduce reliance on software such as LinkedIn and Job Boards.


Email Marketing Strategy

Effective eshots and mailshots are critical to your recruitment workflow.  Recruiters need warm calls to convert into sales.

We create really effective email marketing strategies, and train marketers to generate candidates, clients, and colleagues from mailshots.

This is a critical recruitment task – one which can deliver massive impact to your sales pipeline.

The impact is more contract and permanent roles with new clients, more interviews, and a lot of new contacts for database, all which we had not worked with in the past.


Content Strategy

Every Recruitment Marketer we mentor with needs a "less content, more marketing" strategy. Content should drive job applications and leads.

We will train you to create simple personas to attract, engage, convert, and retain. We've won awards for our content, and will show you content hacks to generate warm calls and retention.

It was great to see that, when she pushed them, realisation dawned about how easy content could be and how essential it might be rather than just a ‘marketing’ exercise.​


SEO Strategy

Every Recruitment Marketer we train loves the practical guidance we give on this critical part of your marketing strategy. SEO is often a light bulb moment!

You do not need to outsource SEO; you simply need to understand how your ideal prospects think, and link this to your content, and your inbound and outbound marketing strategy and Bingo! You've got job applications and leads.

What we liked the most about Barclay Jones is that they’re consultative and inspiring. They are always coming up with new ideas and solutions and we trust them.


Social Media Strategy

Social media should attract and convert candidates, clients and colleagues - not just clicks and followers.

Social media is a vital part of your recruitment marketing engine, but needs a practical approach. Coupled with our SEO and Content Strategy training, social media should drive your prospects to your website - get them to apply for jobs, give you vacancies, and want to work for you.

I know which strategy is practical and will help me capitalise upon social media and we are becoming a market leader in what we do online.


Internal Recruitment Marketing Strategy

61% of Recruitment Leaders say that their biggest challenge this year is to hire people for their own businesses… but they admit that their strategies need “upgrading”.

We will review your existing approach to attraction and ​conversion, develop a strategy to make you more effective, and train your in-house recruiter and marketer to attract and convert the best recruiters for your business.

Lisa knows her stuff – she is not scared to challenge what we do. She is clearly passionate and won’t accept anything less than great.

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Recruitment Marketing Hacks

Recruitment Marketers love our recruitment and marketing tips and hacks.

We run free marketing training webinars, have a Recruitment and Marketing Podcast with industry guests, and create short 1-minute hacks, to help busy marketers improve brand, content, lead generation, candidate attraction, and placements.

There's so much to learn about recruitment marketing - our blog helps recruitment marketers generate ROI for their businesses.

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