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5 KPIs Your Recruitment Website Needs (to Deliver Candidates, Clients, Consultants and Cash!)

Recruitment Marketers – this webinar is an hour long, but worth it! Split this into two sessions, or book yourself an hour with some cake and make sure you have a notepad handy. There’s a wealth of advice in here that you NEED to hear.

Your Recruitment Website Needs KPIs!

Your website needs KPIs – key performance indicators that you can measure its performance by.

Recruitment marketers who set sane KPIs for their recruitment technology are able to:

  • Have more relevant conversations with their board of directors
  • Get buy-in from their recruiters
  • Look themselves in the mirror and say “You rock! You know you do!”

This is a must-watch webinar for recruitment marketers, and their managers, to gather some ideas on how to get more from their website than simply visits, and how to set goals for the website which will be directly in line with the recruitment business’s goals

We help recruitment marketers add real value and become more successful

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