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Seventh Anniversary Musings: A Word for Every Year!

birthdayBarclay Jones is celebrating its seven year anniversary this week.

LinkedIn has awakened my lovely recruitment network and they’ve all gone loopy (the loves!) congratulating us… we are feeling the love!

Seven years in, I’m itching to be better, grow and work with even more recruiters.  The team is now eight-strong and 2016 looks to be “bloody exciting” for us…

I got thinking about what I could write about in my annual “happy birthday” blog.  My brain (and mouth) never stops – blogging for me is part of my process.

One Word! Passion

My business coach asked me recently what I was passionate about.. my answer – everything!

Raised eyebrows from Gary resulted in me trying harder until I got to the rub of it..

I am passionate about recruitment, turning lights on, giving advice which them make business improvements, money and profit.

It’s all in a Word – Every Year!

Lots of things happen every year:

  • Pantone selects their colour of the year
  • Awards get dished out to actors, and
  • The Oxford English Dictionary nominates a “word of the year”.

Leafing  through the third one, when I came across the word of the year for the year I started Barclay Jones (new-born baby on lap, sat in Printing.com saying how much I hated Pink and to not “go there” – oh the irony of the brand my fab designers created for me in 2012 when I rebranded…

A Vape of Omnishambles and Selfies

So, here’s a list of the “words of the year” since Barclay Jones was born:

  • 2008: CREDIT CRUNCH.  Enough said – what a bloody awful year (and what an “interesting” time to start a new business!)
  • 2009: SIMPLES: Bless that meercat!
  • 2010: BIG SOCIETY
  • 2011: SQUEEZED MIDDLE – an important term (and limiter) for recruitment…
  • 2012: OMNISHAMBLES – a typical recruiter process (joke!?)
  • 2013: SELFIE #justsayin #nuffsaid
  • 2014: VAPE (meh!)

2015: … looking forward to seeing what they come up with…  Meh? Waste? Backronym? Chiffonade? Externship?

What do you think?

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