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A Shameful Post about BJs and 6s

So, Barclay Jones is 6 years old today.  We rarely write about ourselves (but if you do want to know more about us, you can take a peek at what computer games we played in the 80s).

Are you old enough to know what a Commodore 64 or Spectrum 48k was? Did you have to set the correct volume on your cassette player to get the program to load?  Were you ace at Daley Thompson’s Decathlon?

We are a 2008 baby (baby boom year!) and we were born deep in the middle of the recession #BringItOn.  The business has changed massively in 2014.

From 2 to 8

We’ve gone from a team of 2 – the creatively named Barclay Jones (Wayne Barclay and Lisa Jones) – to a team of 7.  We now have marketing, ops, systems development, training, project management.  And now we’re hiring again.  Want to be a project manager in our team?  Apply here!

Anyone who’s grown a business knows that it’s huge fun, massively exciting and totally knackering – for all of the right reasons.

2015 – CRM and Recruiter Efficiency and it’s all about Process

We’re going live with a brand new offering in January 2015 – CRM Training and Recruiter Efficiency.  We’ll be running online and face to face workshops for recruiters to get them super speedy at process.  We’re excited to be working with both Bullhorn and Bond Adapt to help their clients be more effective and competitive. We’ll be working with a couple more recruitment software partners in the new year too.

Our offering will be truly unique: recruiter efficiency using technology – not just social media, not just CRM – but competitive business process supported by recruiting technology.  We’re really excited.

Watch this space…

Back to the Future (2008)

Being 6 got me thinking about 6 years… and some interesting things happened in 2008.

  1. The wii fit was created, bought (and not really used as much as it should be) by millions of us…
  2. We were in the middle of a god awful recession – do you remember how bad it was for recruiters?
  3. Twilight the movie hit our screens and Robert Pattison grew some stubble
  4. 6thwedding anniversaries are candy and iron
  5. The large Hadron Collider  didn’t kill everyone
  6. Speedo invented a new swimsuit (the “LZR” which apparently helped Phelps nail down so many medals – think I may get a whole body suit made for my trips to London! #NeedForSpeed)
  7. A new Employment actwas passed
  8. The average cost of recruiting staff rose from £4,000 to £6,000.
  9. Android was born (and slated!) Oh, how times have changed (I am a #Google girl now!)
  10. The Flip camera was one of the biggest success stories (where is it now?)

Big thanks to the following people / organisations who have helped us along the way – and if I’ve forgotten you – leave a comment and you win a cake!

  1. APSCo– they’ve always been a great advocate of ours and speaking at their events / running webinars for them is always a pleasure
  2. Louise Triance at UK Recruiter– a great lady who really knows the recruitment market and always has the best speakers and content (and we’re flattered to be part of that)
  3. Global Recruiterfor publishing our blogs
  4. The Job Postfor asking us to speak at their Recruitment Leaders events.
  5. Matt Charney at RecruitingBlogsfor thinking that we “rock”.
  6. Firefishfor sharing our content and videos on their blog.
  7. Dee Dee and the team at the Recruiter– thanks for publishing our content
  8. The UndercoverRecruiter– we are honoured to be a regular “columnist” – and coming near the top of their most read articles is great payback – thanks
  9. We have worked with some great clients– many of which have engaged us after seeing us speak and seeing how we have worked with their peers.
  10. And finally the Barclay Jones team– they have worked so hard this year.

There have been some lovely Recruitment Technology suppliers out there who are open minded, want to work with impartial consultants and ask us to help their clients – mentioning them would be a plug (so we can’t) but you know who you are and how you have helped us.

We’re Hiring!

So what for year 7?  We’re hiring… So you lovely people who read our content, listen to us speak, and get sick of us telling you to stop advertise are permitted to do a double take!  We need another trainer to join our fabulous team and a project manager to work with Wayne Barclay on our recruitment technology projects. The project manager role is on LinkedIn for you to view.

If you know anyone who is evangelical about getting jiggy with recruitment technology and social media / wants to make recruiters more effective, please put them my way.

Mourning the Lack of bj.com

(Anything we’d do differently?  We wouldn’t choose a brand name that when abbreviated causes all sorts of problems, including not being able to buy the domain bj.com – that site takes multitasking to a whole new level! And imagine the clients we’d attract!)

Bring on year 7!

What do you think?

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