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How to Stuff up Recruitment Technology Projects (Part 2)

recruitment technologyI blogged recently about how Recruitment Technology projects easily fall foul of a lack of planning, objectives – if ever there was an obvious statement!. There are other risks to a these projects which can cause massive disruption, increased costs and overall prevent recruitment businesses from achieving their growth targets. These are often people related.

People can really stuff up recruitment technology projects!

  1. Team Buy In – If you don’t engage the team from the outset you risk a resistance to change. The users are the ones who will be using the system and therefore should be involved from the outset. Involve them in the requirements gathering, decision process and project itself and the buy in should be there. (But be careful about how involved you get them… scope creep is a malingerer – another blog about this coming soon…)
  2. Buy in from the Top – We call this person the “sponsor” and ultimately they are responsible for the success of the project. They will make the decisions and have the power to shut down a project at any point. If from the outset the sponsor is not engaged with the project, too busy or loses interest as the project progresses, then the project will falter. Make sure the sponsor is fully committed to the project from the outset and this will filter down to the rest of the team.
  3. Communication – Tied in with above, without proper communication then potential risks and issues can quickly escalate without the relevant parties being aware. Make sure you have a comms plan, regular update meetings scheduled as well as a monthly Board meeting where all members are present to review progress and make decisions if required. And don’t forget to keep the workforce updated – they are the ultimate success factor in your project.
  4. Testing – It is the responsibility of the project team to accept and sign off the system as fit for purpose. How do you know the system not only functions correctly but also fulfils the objectives detailed at the outset? Whilst the supplier will test the system works as per their specification, it is the responsibility of the project team to also test and accept the system as being fit for purpose. What is your plan for this?
  5. Training – You’ve done a lot of hard work in getting a system configured and implemented. Don’t fall at the last hurdle and hand a system over to a team who don’t know how to use it! And don’t assume that systems = process! This can lead to inconsistent use of the system, bad data and generally unhappy staff. Make sure training is fully planned in from the outset and scheduled at appropriate time to Go Live, and is a regular part of your business growth program. The problem between the chair and the keyboard can caused huge failures in what you may think was a rigorously project managed technology project.

As you can see there are a number of ways to stuff up a recruitment technology project but with the right planning and management there is no reason your recruitment CRMsoftware shouldn’t offer massive value and help you grow your business.

Are you updating your recruitment software? How are you planning to make the project a success and are you prepared for the humans to stuff it up? They can and they will if you’re not careful.

(Thanks to the Global Recruiter for originally publishing this blog.)

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