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Grow Recruitment Business with CRM Data

Can You Stop Bad Data Damaging your Recruitment Business?

With the UK Recruitment Sector being worth at least £30billion, it’s critical to capitalise on great recruitment tech to improve speed and profit. We see ROI as in the i(nvestment) of the beholder – so what is the average recruitment consultant investing? What do they see as a practical use for CRM? The average recruitment consultant is… Read more »

GDPR for recruiters

GDPR for Recruiters – Why Should I Care!?

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) is coming… Why, When, How Much, Who and Brexit? For goodness sake – I’m compliant with the ICO – why the new law? To harmonise data protection across the EU and because the current regulations are 20 years old (pre-Facebook etc). Things have really changed! Hold on… Brexit? Why do… Read more »

key rules recruitment crm implementation

Making your Recruitment CRM Upgrade Project a Success

You’ve had your CRM for longer than you’ve had most of your employees and you’re hearing lots of the same moans and groans: “it’s not working” “it’s always crashing” “I can’t find any candidates in it” “my 1980’s Atari felt more up to date” “there is no management info because no one’s using it!” The decision has… Read more »

Solving Three Recruitment Riddles: Leads, Placements, ROI!

I need your help. It’s rare that I ask for it, but I’ve been paying it forward via my blog for a while… There are currently lots of questions being asked about: the economy, football, where are all these mad-haired politicians popping up from…? And for many a recruitment leader… Why am I not generating the leads I want?… Read more »

what to stop

Recruitment Leader Q&A Roundup

I was delighted to be asked by The Undercover Recruiter to be part of their Recruitment Leader Q&A series for January. They asked me a number of questions, and I wanted to summarise my answers here. You can view everyone’s answers by clicking the titles below – lots of great advice! There’s food for thought… Read more »

How to become more effective at using your CRM System

Are 83% of Your Recruiters Ignoring Their Talent Pool?

We held a webinar with Broadbean recently, and took the opportunity to get inside the heads of our recruiter community. What did we find out? We discovered that recruiters still don’t see their recruitment CRM as their first port of call: in fact, only 17% of consultants said they would check their CRM for suitable candidates. An untapped… Read more »

6 Biggest Problems for Recruitment Leaders (and How to Solve Them)

Yet again the UK Recruiter Recruitment Technology and Social Media Conference was crammed full of great recruitment technology suppliers – all speed pitching their systems to help recruitment businesses… recruit! (And spend their budgets!) My marketer, Rhiannon, tasked me with asking one question to everyone I spoke with. It’s always a frantic day as there’s so much to do… Read more »

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