Uzma's Recruitment Story

Uzma Shakoor
Uzma Shakoor
uzma shakoor

Uzma has always been good with technology and loved gaming when she was younger. Her favourite games were Need For Speed (she also loves driving!), Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, Blur and WWE Smackdown (she doesn’t love fighting though!).

Her love of driving and gaming continued into her teen years – her favourite game was Grand Theft Auto 5! She also got her first phone –  a Blackberry when she turned 12 – so you can definitely say she’s part of Generation Z! Technology has been well-established in her life from a young age…

It’s only natural that her interest in technology spilled over into her career aspirations; her main interests are IT and technology, so it’s only natural she’d end up working for Barclay Jones! Uzma loves learning about new systems, figuring out how to use technology to speed up process and solve problems.

I take charge of all our sales and business administrative processes here at Barclay Jones. I’m the queen of our CRM and manage our data to make sure we’re generating ROI from it. I put our CRMFirst!

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