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What We Learned From Recruitment in 2018 and What Do You Need to Do in 2019?

Recruitment leaders, recruiters and their marketers are sat at their desks, pressing backspace on the 8 and changing to 9 (2018 / 2019) – wondering where 2018 has gone, and what needs to be different about their recruitment businesses in 2019.

We were flattered when asked by vsource to reflect and comment on what the team has learned from 2018.

Who are Vsource?

Our Sourcing Platform combines the latest in AI, talent analytics and search algorithms to deliver daily candidate searches to your recruiting team.

In their “What We Learned from Recruitment in 2018?” blog they have reflected diversity, gender pay gaps, social recruiting, passive candidates, remote working, and of course, AI.  They’ve given some fascinating stats which will get every recruiting and marketing professional thinking about their strategies for the coming year.

And they got my team and I thinking too!

What Barclay Jones Learned from Recruitment in 2018

  • Recruitment marketing generating more than simply clicks and content
  • The value of really good data
  • How to create a CRMFirst culture
  • How to build a successful recruitment team

It’s a damn-good-read and will take you 5 minutes and give you some perspective.

(Thanks vsource)

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