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In 2012 the internet had something approaching 4 billion web pages from nearly 634 million websites, Information has never been so available. In our fast paced industry, researching what is happening and what is new and relating this back to the recruitment industry is important. Therefore, I thought I would introduce you to some of the best sources of recruitment and / or technology sites that provide great reading material (and great for sharing - I know that Lisa nags you about this all of the time!)

Since the demise of Google Reader, I've been using Feedly as my RSS reader and the first sources of information that were added can be found below. 

BBC Technology They say nothing is official until its reported on the bbb.co.uk. Aunties best digital news channel delivers some great insight into the technology world from some of the best reports in the world!

Ere.net Everything about recruitment including news, articles, sourcing, trends, technology and more all on one website. What more could you ever want?

Guardian Tech Weekly - Podcast A great podcast which includes interviews with some industry experts, all the latest trends and gadgets that are soon to be available.

Recruiting Animal Show - Radio / Podcast A great radio show every Wednesday at 5pm (GMT) that specialises on in-depth interviews with industry experts with your host The Animal. A great way to get some interesting detail whilst you're travelling.

LinkedIn Pulse - Website LinkedIn is the largest professional network.  There are hundreds if not thousands of articles and interesting blogs being distributed within the network. LinkedIn takes the best / most read and recommends them to me in LinkedIn Today. Always some genuinely interesting tech and recruitment talk in here.

Twitter Sorry to state the obvious, but word of mouth and discussion are by far the best ways to ask questions and get answers.  Having a targeted Twitter network is important and regularly engaging with them is both fun and rewarding. Use hashtags and other people's lists to help you narrow your results.

CIO - Magazine / Internet We work with a lot of CIO's and the CIO magazine offers deep insight into the world of the CIO, which is interesting and thought provoking.

TechRadar Does exactly what is says on the tin, Technology News and Reviews. Covers just about everything.

Recruitment & Employment Confederation The Recruitment & Employment Confederation in the UK is dedicated to representing the whole of the recruitment industry.  Where else could you find high quality recruitment information

PC Pro A great magazine offering news, reviews and advice on all things technology.

Barclay Jones One of the best sources of thought provoking blogs on how recruitment and technology should blend together to support recruiters in their business objectives and growth plans (honest!)

I hope you find some of the above useful, there are obviously many, many more, please feel free to comment below on the sources you find useful.

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  1. Great list Wayne, really useful steer through the cluttered digital seas! Do you have any similar suggestions for podcasts? Trying to make the best use of my hourly commute.

    Ash Bakrania
  2. Hi Ash - Lisa here - thanks for the comment - I'm actually in the process of writing a blog about podcasts - I'll pick Wayne's brains too - watch this space

    Lisa Jones

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