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First, let me make this statement: “If Trello were a man, I’d marry it!”

Now I’ve set the tone, let’s begin.

I normally write blogs for recruiters – but interestingly the majority of my consultancy time is spent with Directors and Social Media Managers/marketers. They often have massive projects to manage – resources, software, suppliers, consultants, and recruiters – lots to get bogged down in.

In recent months, I’ve introduced most of my clients to Trello. I’ve become addicted to this software which enables me to manage my workload, and collaborate with my clients.

Trello Barclay Jones

Here are some benefits

  • A great place to organise projects and tasks
  • Less emails (we all want that!)
  • Storage for files – a great place to store work in progress docs
  • Reminders
  • I can access it from my smart phone
  • I can follow discussions, to keep an eye on progress.
  • Now my Outlook is a special place for things which need actioning.

Plus the lovely Joel Spolsky on YouTube talking about it (hence I am in good company!)

(And… it’s free! Now you’ll rarely see me get excited about free kit. I feel the average recruiter is surrounded by freebies where the only return offered is distraction… but even if I want to upgrade to Trello Gold (stickers, backgrounds, larger file uploads…) it’s only $45/year.)

Boards, Lists, Cards

We setup a board for every client that we work with, plus we’re using it to run our own business. Jay has one for admin, Wayne for Technology etc… and we have an overall team board which we use to share ideas / tasks.


I am running a social media project for a recruiter. We have a board called “social media”. It contains lists; lists such as: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Vine, Content, Training, etc… Each list contains cards which are relevant to the project, and each card is assigned to someone, and stamped with the delivery date. We can work on any card at the same time, send messages to each other, attach documents for review, and when complete, swipe to the “done” list – which funnily enough helps us track and report on progress.


I am developing a content plan with a client. We have some face to face time with post-its, white boards and the odd consultant getting jiggy about being a sector specialist. The content manager creates a draft and adds to it a Trello card. She assigns it to herself, to me and her manager. We all access the card, review the doc and leave our notes in the card. We can communicate on the card… no emails littering my inbox, definitely none of those dreaded “Reply All” emails which drive me nuts. Ultimately a place to talk about 1 thing – trackable and focussed. Once the content plan is signed off cards are created for each piece of planned content and the relevant suppliers are added to Trello to work on their specific areas.

I’ll blog later about the Chrome extensions I’m using to help me with my Trello boards.

Now for those of you out there who use countless other systems (Yammer, Basecamp, Review19, Salesforce Chatter). Yes I know that Trello may not be seen as unique – very little is these days. But we love it at Barclay Jones. It’s simple, easy to access, and has clicked with my own team, and my clients.

Here’s a 15 minute video to show you how to use it – grab a coffee and muffin – it’s worth the time out of your day to get planning how to make it run better. (When I get a minute, I’ll be creating a short video on this too. That’s a card in my Trello lists!)

(Thanks to Uk Recruiter for publishing this post)

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