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I will be blogging about Google Reader very soon (watch this space), but in the mean time, please see my reasons why I think RSS feeds are so critical to your business process.

I am a massive fan of RSS (Really Simple Syndication – which in English means subscribing to online content), and the reason for this is because I really don’t have time, and neither do my recruitment clients, to spend all day surfing (a recruitment director’s nightmare!))

So I know what I want to see, I subscribe to it and I wait for it to come through.  I then don’t loose sleep worrying about what I am missing, and I don’t spend all day on the web… I am a big believer in social media maximising client facing time.

Here we go:

  1. It’s FREE!
  2. Subscribing saves you hours of time surfing.
  3. Leads - follow the online content about your clients to see what they are talking about.
  4. Industry sector news (this includes your own sector AND the one you sell into).
  5. Knowledge bases – we need to constantly develop and there are loads of people blogging / tweeting about social media, recruitment and sales techniques etc…
  6. Competitor content – keep an eye on it!
  7. LinkedIn Answers: Go to More, Answers in LinkedIn, select your sector and subscribe.  If you’ve attended my LinkedIn courses, you’ll know that this element can be really helpful for lead gen.
  8. Add your Google Alerts (another blog on the radar) to your Reader – again keeps you mailbox from becoming a mare.
  9. Follow Twitter streams, without using Twitter – especially in Google Reader, you can follow individual streams.
  10. Follow Job Feeds – you never know what leads may be generated from them!

Hope the above is useful… can you add any to this?

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