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We are campaigning for 2015 being the year of the recruitment CRM. We work with lots of recruiters to help them be more efficient and we are recruitment tech geeks.  But we’re also practical and get that there is often push back in the industry when using technology to recruit.

During my time in recruitment as a tech and skills trainer I have come across a lot of excuses from recruiters as to why they can’t or don’t want to, use their recruitment CRM.

And bearing in mind how you lovely recruiters and recruitment leaders are taught how to handle objections, I thought I’d have a stab and handling yours…

10 reasons why Recruiters don’t use their Recruitment CRM

  1. "My system is time consuming, it slows me down."  Most recruitment software is user friendly and intuitive.  I would say if you think your recruitment software is slowing you down, get some more training and learn how to use it more efficiently.   Look out for handy plugins (like EBSTA, which will speed up your CRM use massively). 
  2. "My CRM has crap data on it" – Come on, surely you know what I’m going to say here – “crap in crap out”.  Recruiters always seem to rush adding data to the system, leaving out important searchable information but then wonder why their CRM generates rubbish search results. 
  3. "No one has told me how to use it" – OK, so fair enough, this can be pretty tough but I’m a big believer in helping yourself rather than expecting someone else to help you.  So see point 1 and get yourself on some training.
  4. "I have too many systems" (Option paralysis) – We come across this a lot and I sympathise.  With so many choices out there it’s hard to know where to start.  I would say to recruitment leaders, set a process for consultants to follow so they don’t feel swamped.  Tip! It should always start with the CRM. (We all know consultants who spends hours searching online for a candidate only to realise they were on the CRM database already).
  5. "It’s not part of my job" – A lot of recruiters join businesses and think it’s not part of their job to use the recruitment CRM, systems or technology in general.  Firstly what century are you in? It should be clear from even before day one – on the job advert and job description - you will be expected to use CRM and other recruitment technology on a daily basis.  Delivering a thorough business process, using a CRM, attention to detail and research skills are all key to recruiter success.  And recruitment leaders should make sure recruiters know the repercussions of not using a CRM.
  6. "I can remember everything" – That’s great until you get hit by a bus (or win the lottery!) and your colleagues scrabble around trying to piece things together.  On a lighter note, imagine the day after your work do – how reliable is your brain then?  Systems don’t have hangovers…
  7. "I can’t access it on my mobile" – Did you know that a third of all internet use at any time is on a mobile device!  Of course you want to access whilst you’re on the move and away from the office.  Speak to your CRM Manager about access.
  8. "It doesn’t represent how I do my job" – Question:  Are you a renegade and therefore it’s your processes that don’t match the CRM?  No?  Most CRM systems are configurable to some degree so maybe you need to speak with your CRM manager and talk through your day to day work flows. Also think though whether your process may be the issue…
  9. "It doesn’t help my business develop" – Are you crazy?!?!  Use your CRM to set reminders to call clients back regarding opportunities.  Run reports to see who you recruited for this time last year, are there any patterns?  Contract recruiters can constantly develop business if they log when a contract will end – will it be extended, will the candidate need a new position? Most CRMs now allow you to log leads.  Back fill leads – the candidate you have placed, where have they just come from?
  10. "I’m measured on placements not data" – So you can measure pounds and pence but you don’t know:
  • Where your placed candidates came from – which if you did would substantiate more investment into those areas
  • Your conversions from CV Send to interview to placement – which is fantastic information to illustrate to current and prospective clients
  • You can’t quickly find shortlisted candidates for a similar vacancy you had two weeks ago.

So these are my 10 reasons why recruiters don’t want to use a CRM.  Have you uttered any of those reasons lately?  If so hopefully I have given you some reasonable solutions and ideas to get you using and loving your CRM.

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  1. I love your message. I have preached the same gospel on many types of staffing related systems. None of them work real well if not used! I would like to quote you in a message of my own and provide a link to your blog.

    Bill DeBarba

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