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Hi, I am hoping you can help.

I am a Corporate Recruiter and I need a new system, one that I can store candidates on (and my friend, and Agency Recruiter needs one that also stores clients as well).

I understand that as a corporate recruiter I will need an Applicant Tracking System, and that my friend an Agency Recruiter ideally needs a Recruitment CRM.  We don’t want anything complicated, so we have compiled a quick spec list of what we don’t need our new systems to do.  Can you help?

It’s likely that we will not need the following:

  • the ability to track candidate applications – why do we need to do that?
  • the ability to search for good candidates – I have all the time in the world to surf, and at any rate I am likely to advertise the role before searching my own database anyway (and I can cope with hundreds of applications a day – that’s why      I’m here). 
  • I don’t need it to automate my correspondence as I prefer to do everything manually, and I don’t need to tag it back into a client / candidate record card as I am unlikely to need a paper trail. In fact, my friend the agency recruiter just loves chasing clients with little or no information with which to go legal… she just loves the chase!
  • I don’t need it to integrate into social media as that’s just a fad, and anyway, I love logging in to multiple systems, and having to remember my passwords each time – for example, why would I need it to find people on LinkedIn for me and pull them back into the system?
  • I certainly don’t need job board posting integration– I prefer to login to each job board separately rather than save time doing it once!
  • Neither of us need a system that helps us manage our time and activity. We are workaholics with very little else to do, so tend to spend all day in the office anyway– bring on the work!
  • I don’t need it to automatically (parse) candidate CVs into the system… I prefer to keep them in my Outlook inbox until I need them, and what’s the point in sharing stuff that I have collected?
  • I don’t need the ability to run management reports on how effective I am – my sales figures tell me what I need to know…

I think that’s it – if you can recommend a system, it would be really helpful, as I don’t have the time to look into this (just too busy!) and I certainly don’t have the time to go to the free Recruitment Software showcase on 22 Sept.

I’ll be too busy posting jobs on loads of job boards, searching for a candidates in my massive datadump,  managing my back door placements and drop outs, spending all day on LinkedIn and Twitter, managing unhappy customers that I always forget to call… oh, and gathering everything onto a spreadsheet to show my manager for my next meeting.

I love my job, but I have to say I do feel like something is missing that could really make things easier for me.

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