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October is upon us and that means it will soon be the UK Recruiter Technology Event – and I can’t wait!

Love or hate tech, recruitment business owners and decision makers should attend this event to see what the future holds in terms of technology in recruitment.

Being an IT and Social Media Trainer with Barclay Jones it is my job to be on top of what is hot in recruitment technology. As you would expect, I’ll be paying particular attention to CRMs (Customer Relationship Management systems) and will be looking for simple workflows and processes that starts at winning the job and ends at making the placement. This may sound mundane but it’s really important to a recruiter that they fill a job in the quickest time possible with the best candidate possible – any lost time is an open door to competition filling the job under their nose!

The time and efficiency element of recruiting will also steer me towards the stalls of Supporting Applications. There are some truly superb “bolt-on” applications for CRMs today that really speed up intricate processes.

If I were a recruitment business owner or decision maker looking at improving or replacing my current recruitment technology, I’d advise the following when attending the technology event:

  • Visit between 5 and 10 CRM providers
  • Inform each CRM provider you are looking to improve or replace your CRM and that you are looking at several today
  • Ask each CRM provider to give you a 15 minute demo, covering key elements of the placement cycle (adding, qualifying, searching, placement). Also look for the “Social Media” element of the system as this is / should be / will be a key element of a recruiters role
  • Visit up to 5 of each of the “bolt-on” applications that do the following:
    • Post job adverts
    • Video Interviewing
    • Track applicant responses
    • Parse candidates into your CRM

**You may find all of the above in one application**

  • Analytics (sales activity and financials)
  • Timesheet and invoice generation 

I’m really hoping to get the wow-factor; something that grabs my attention and imagination. This could come from seeing the tech itself or perhaps a presentation or workshop being held by some of the industry’s leading specialists Barclay Jones’ very own Lisa Jones is delivering a workshop on Back door Placements!.

Ultimately I’m also looking forward to simply chatting with as many tech providers and thought leaders as I can but also recruiters – I’d be interested to get their views on their reasons for attending the event .

 Read more and book your place on the event here.

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  1. can't wait to go - the last one was really helpful


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