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2014 is going to be a year of growth for many recruiters, but how will they decide how/where to grow? What are their most profitable lines?  Which sectors should they target and in which locations?  Are they going to look at their own data for help/guidance or will there be “more of the same”?

Perhaps analytics is the answer – or perhaps not…

Is this the inside of the brain of the average recruitment director, or of a “recruitersaurus”?

  1. You think that managing your staff output is too “hands-on” – you prefer to just go with the flow (they’ll get there in the end)
  2. If you were in Star Wars you’d be the Jedi Master of spreadsheets – Now, witness the power of this fully operational battle station
  3. The recession was just plain bad luck and you managed to scrape through, so why get jiggy with data? You’ll be fine going forward
  4. Your data’s in a total mess – it’ll take too long to clean it up so you can measure it – plus you have LinkedIn, so what’s the point? You can use that instead!  Isn’t LinkedIn the equivalent of Big Data?
  5. You are dead sure that your staff are going to stay with you until they retire so you don’t need to measure and manage – they are loyal and have the business’ interests at heart. Or perhaps, instead, you’re happy with churn?
  6. You’re not really bothered about cost of placement – recruiting is an expensive business and you love spending money
  7. You’re not worried about marketing – you have a great list of email addresses that you spam every month with jobs/candidates and it seems to work
  8. You’re not worried about speed of placement and looking for ways to improve it – recruitment is REALLY complicated and your clients will never get their heads around it
  9. You love board meetings where nothing is agreed – it’s just a big love-in for the team.
  10. Trends are simply things that go up and down – you don’t want to think about new markets/geographies – you have it totally sown up!

What do you think?  Can you spot any irony in this blog?

What’s your plan for growth next year and how are you deciding on which direction to take your business?  Are you going to use technology or gut feel to drive your business forward?

Thanks to The REC and the RecTecHub for publishing this.

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