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I blogged recently about UK Recruiter's Recruitment Technology and Supplier Showcase.  It's tomorrow.  I'm excited (lots of tech, and lots of recruiters wanting to know about tech - all in one room!  I'll even have a badge with the word "expert" on - it's more for my benefit than yours)

Recruiting your Own Recruiters: Reduce Cost and Increase Speed

I've been asked by Louise to run a workshop.  My topic: Recruiting your own recruiters using social media.  If you are planning on reducing the cost of hiring your own staff, whilst increasing speed or hire and attracting great internal talent, you need to be at this workshop.

Get Smart and Get Demo'ing

If using technology to be speedier, more competitive, and be an attractive employer/supplier is part of your strategy, then please free yourselves up to come along. (No excuses)

Alternatively, you may simply be Stannis from Game of Thrones and want some tech to kill loads of people and sit on a spikey seat!

Recruitment Technology Showcase 5 June Uk Recruiter

You can register here.

Hope to see you there.


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