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Recruitment technology has never been higher on the agenda of the recruitment director.

Every client we are working with is going through some form of transformation which involves recruitment technology / recruitment software (and I include social media when I say recruitment technology).  They want to be:

  • More streamlined
  • More attractive to work for
  • Faster, harder, stronger
  • More competitive (don’t ignore your new competitors – clients, candidates and small, agile recruiters)

And they want to:

  • Create an asset out of their systems and data
  • Attract clients to their business by demonstrating innovation
  • Remove the risk to their business by removing complex and invisible systems and processes

I’ll be at UK Recruiter’s Recruitment Technology Showcase on 5 June.  I always free up my diary for this event (even if I’m not speaking at it). It's invaluable if you’re a techie, or a recruitment leader / decision maker.

The 5 June Date is A Good Day!

Here’s some facts about 5 June:

  • The longest champagne cork flight was recorded at 177 feet 9 inches (New York 1977) – perhaps Louise can sponsor a challenge to this?
  • It’s Mark Wahlberg’s birthday!

A technology fact… In1977, June 5 - the 1st personal computer, Apple II, goes on sale (now I feel old!)

… and if you’re into Victorian romance and technology, Ada Byron met Charles Babbage (aka the “father of computing”) - on 5 June 1833 – she documented his work (no doubt whilst swooning under the weight of her bustle!)

3 reasons to go to UK Recruiter’s Recruitment Technology Showcase

  • You get to compare recruitment software side by side – even a non-techie would appreciate that it’s not until you can do a true beauty parade that you get some perspective. CRM, Web, ATS, Job Board Posting and some true innovation...
  • Lots of people like me will be there so you can pick our brains for free!
  • Recruitment leaders and decision makers can use this event to take control of their knowledge and “gen up” on elements which can transform their businesses (critical for growing recruitment businesses) – how often do you really get out of the business and spend time on the business?

If using technology to be speedier, more competitive, and be an attractive employer/supplier is part of your strategy, then please free yourselves up to come along.

You can register here.

Hope to see you there.

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