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We’re a bit excited – we are off to the Recruitment Technology Showcase event in London (courtesy of UK Recruiter and APSCo).  We have gone into the loft, opened our dressing up chests and got our geek outfits out – bring out the geek!

We have attended these events in recent years and we love them because:

  • recruiters get to see the systems up close
  • systems can be compared side by side– this is a truly valuable benefit - normally you’d get an in-depth beauty parade over a few days and your brain would be fried at the end…  this is a great into and may help you decide what to do next.
  • it’s not just about CRM where you put your candidate and client data) there will be nifty apps that you can plug in to your databases to help with your workflows too! Speedy!
  • there’s a great buzz in the room – the day tends to go like lightning!
  • (It’s free…)

There will also be people like us (impartial recruitment tech consultants) that you can speak with and pick the brains off, plus APSCo will be hosting a Why doesn’t Recruitment Technology just work!! debate.

Click here for the event link and to book yourselves on.  We can’t stress enough how valuable this event is…

Read Louise’s blog on 5 reasons to attend.

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