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Here at Barclay Jones we love giving things away. Whether it is how to videos to show you how to use the latest handy apps or Chrome extensions for Recruitment, great tips on how to get the most out of social media, or actionable advice about your CRM system and how you utilise it to its full potential.

So we have been looking at our Google Analytics and finding out what are most popular blogs are, which have been drawing in Recruiters by the hundreds.  So take a look at them, they all have great tips to help Recruiters attract and source, or help Recruitment managers fine tune their business process to get the most from their systems, and best off all, you can find out what all the fuss is about! 

What does Google Say about You?


A great blog advising you to do a ‘Google Trawl’ to find out what people see when they Google your business.

Be sure to check this out so you can make sure potential talent and clients see what you want them to see!

Read about how to find out what Google says about you here.


10 Things I would do if I was a Recruitment Agency Owner 


Lisa works with lots of recruitment leaders and she has some interesting ideas about how she's run a recruitment agency.

She delivered some of this content to the JobPost event earlier this year.

Read what Lisa would do if she owned a Recruitment Agency here


How Recruiters can Actually Use Twitter 

We offer simple yet effective and actionable advice for recruiters who want to be effective Tweeters.

We find that recruiters are getting more on board with Twitter and want to know how to increase their ROI.

Read how recruiters can actually use Twitter here.


Are Recruiters Crooks and Scavengers?

We love being provocative, but we also think Recruiters work damn hard and need to impress upon their clients how they bring value and are not overpriced!

We know that recruiters are busy bees, and are often their own worst enemy in how they try to keep their offering top secret.

This is part 2 of a series.  Read about whether recruiters are crooks and scroungers here.

10 things for Recruiters to do before 10 to be awesome? 

This blog’s title writes cheques that its content can most certainly cash!

We know that recruiters are time starved and over-equipped - and sometimes they just need a process to follow to get ROI.  Here are 10 quick and actionable ideas to get you Recruiting Clever!

Read about the 10 things to start doing before 10 here.

UK Staffing Industry Trends


The lovely Matt Charney (from RecruitingBlogs) interviewed Lisa.  Their conversations range from recruitment CRM to Marketing, right through to Social Recruiting Strategies.

Lisa has written a few blogs for RecruitingDaily too - we are massive fans of this blog.  Read Lisa's interview with Matt here.

Meh to the candidate experience, what about the recruiter experience? 

Lisa has a bit of fun listing 8 ways candidates typically waste recruiters' precious time.  We hear a lot about the candidate experience - here's Lisa's spin on it.

This should bring to smile to your face if you’re a recruiter looking through a big pile of CVs which are totally irrelevant to the job you are trying to fill.

Read the ways candidates waste recruiter's time here

3 Ways to Clean your LinkedIn Contacts (and 3 Reasons Why)

Recruiters are great at collecting, but how about true connecting?  The average recruiter has over 950 contacts on LinkedIn, but often claims to get no value from these contacts.

And what if they are (unfortunately normal) and have lots of contacts who they should not have connected to.  This affects your ability to connect to others.

Read how and why to clean your LinkedIn contacts here

Back Door Man: Shutting Down Backdoor Placements in Recruiting. 

We talk back door placements and how they aren’t just a fact of life for recruiters.  Whether they are BoBs, bad weasels, or shafters... most recruiter suffer them at some stage (although some people think that they only happen to bad recruiters...)

We believe that they can be avoided with better process and marketing.

Read Lisa's advice on how to prevent backdoor placements here

10 tips for LinkedIn Jedi Masters 

Is the force with you?  Or is your lightsaber in need of new batteries?

We give 10 tips to help recruiters raise their profiles, as well as attract and source talent on LinkedIn.  We review how to maximise your ROI of LinkedIn groups ...

“Now, witness the power of this fully operational battle station.” 

Read our 10 tips for LinkedIn Jedi Masters here.


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