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Today is Friday the 13th, the unluckiest day of all!

Whilst we firmly believe you create your own luck, we decided to have a think about what superstitions recruiters should take heed of... you know, just in case!

Lisa -Jones -100Lisa Jones

  • Ask your candidates at interview if they have a black cat - if they do, reject them
  • Don't pass another recruiter on the stairs
  • Bad luck comes in 3s - don't send 3 candidates for interview on the same day (on Fri 13th)
  • Look out for candidates who were born 06/06/1966 - and avoid like the plague!

Wayne Barclay 100x 100Wayne Barclay

  • Avoid convincing a candidate to take an offer they're not really up for!
  • Don't send out 666 mailshots
  • Don't try and pull your boss! 
  • Don't do the 13th thing on your things to do list!?
  • Avoid "meetings" at 1300 ... especially those unexpected ones with your boss who says... "have you got a minute... can you join us in the board room!"
  • Ensure you're not the 13th person on the Tea round!


Rose Megson (PNG)100x 100Rose Megson

  • If you step on a crack in the pavement you will forget to ask those crucial words:  “Is it convenient to speak?” Instead you launch straight into a conversation regards an interview, whilst the candidate has you on loud speaker in the car with their boss. Avoid doing this at all costs!
  • Dropping a dishcloth is bad luck.  Maybe this is why most recruitment office kitchens look like a bombsite. 

Thank goodness recruiters have us to guide them through this scary time!

Do you have any superstitions about recruitment? Let us know in the comments below. 


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