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Recruitment Marketers often have heads in hands, frowns and feelings of “why don’t you get I’m on your side!?” 

You’re sat at your desk, trying to be strategic, but your facial expressions are often akin to the unhappy part of the emoji keypad...


Confused, Confounded, Cold Sweat, Scream

Your goal of improving the brand of your client (the recruitment leader and consultant) and attracting talent to their jobs is being thwarted at every turn by either:

  • well-meaning recruiters who are short-term junkies and don’t do strategy
  • time starved recruiters who’d love to get involved but suffer options paralysis – too many systems not enough process 
  • or “it’s not my job to do marketing” recruiters

What a lonely place it is to be a recruitment marketer!

Greg Savage’s mantra is pretty pertinent (and often terrifying) to many recruitment marketers:

“Every recruiting function should really operate as a digital marketing agency” tweet this

Get a Smiley at APSCo

I work with recruitment marketers every day as part of my Recruitment Marketing Academy and I’d love to share my ideas at APSCo’s M Squared Sector event on 9 February around how to get your recruiters and leaders engaged in marketing without face palming or bullying.  After all, if they do they're likely to make more money and increase their profit – and isn’t that what marketing is really all about?

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