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I am delighted that the lovely Tracey Barrett from BlueSky PR took a little time to speak to me about PR in recruiting.

You can listen to my interview with her on our SoundCloud account, where we discuss: 

• How do recruiters measure ROI (return on investment) on marketing and PR
• Are recruiters really credible thought leaders?
• Why do recruiters need PR – surely social media has marketing covered now?
• How can recruiters get PR and marketing wrong?

And lucky you! Tracey gives away 3 takeaways that every recruiter can do once they have listened to this interview that they can use in their own small and large recruitment businesses.
Here at Barclay Jones we are interviewing thought leaders and suppliers of key services to the recruitment industry to give recruiters and recruitment leaders insights into key issues currently facing the recruitment industry, everything from brilliant marketing strategies to how to stop backdoor placements.

We know that as recruiters and recruitment leaders you are busy people, and thus you won’t have much time spare for reading content, no matter how insightful it may be! That is the beauty of using SoundCloud, you can listen to the content whilst doing the myriad of other things you have to be doing.  Be it on the train, when walking the dog, driving to work or stuck on the tube, you can be discovering new content to help you run your recruitment desks and recruitment business.

So far we have interviewed Stephen O’Donnell about Psychometric Profiling, and Nick Ellis from Fee Catcher, as well Tracey Barrett. Stephen gave us great insights into how recruiters can get real value from psychometric profiling and really improve the candidate experience, whilst Nick spoke about why back door placements happen, how they can be tracked and most important how to stop them.

In our quest to provide recruiters the very best industry insights we aren’t planning on stopping there. Watch this space for interviews from the UK heads of leading Recruitment CRM providers and Recruitment Firms. And it’s not just insights into utilising CRM we will be providing. We will be getting advice from employment lawyers and online marketing experts.

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