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LinkedIn? Cool? Well if having the ability to attract your ideal candidate, client or influencer then yeah,

LinkedIn is cool! In fact, it's sub-zero because it's free! I think we sometimes forget this.  I know recruiters do because it's a rarity that I hear recruiters talking positively about LinkedIn even though they use it for free.

I didn't have LinkedIn when I was a recruiter. If I did I just know I would have had more success. Interestingly however, only a tiny percentage of recruiters report that they do notice a return on investment by using LinkedIn.

This might be shocking to some but in my experience of delivering LinkedIn training to recruiters it is in fact “the norm”. Why? Simply because recruiters don't know about the cool (or sub-zero) things LinkedIn can do to improve their return on investment (or they take them for granted due to massively busy workloads).  Louise at UK Recruiter tasked me with coming up with some freebie cool bits of LinkedIn so here goes...

Get Back to Loving LinkedIn for Free

I’ve listed my LinkedIn top 10 sub-zero features to get you back to loving what LinkedIn can do for you.

  1. Group stats. Recruiters tend to join groups without really knowing anything about them (erm… so why bother joining??) Group stats gives you a quick and easy overview of activity, demographics and growth. In a group, click the "information" icon next to the Member button. From there click the "Group Statistics" link.
  2. Pulse. Struggle to kick off an update and raise your profile? Pulse (top of your main feed of your LinkedIn homepage) learns about your interests and suggests news feeds from influencers, channel topics and publishers. Meaning that you can share valuable industry sector specific content with your LinkedIn network!
  3. Sharing widget for your toolbar. Sharing insightful articles outside of LinkedIn is a good idea but to doing it fast when there isn’t a share button in sight can become a slightly painful process. LinkedIn’s Tools Menu  offers you a simple drag and drop way to add a clever widget to your web toolbar that instantly shares any web content at the click of a button!
  4. 3rd degree connection hack.  Sshhh! They might be listening! The ‘How you’re connected’ widget enables you to expose your 3rd degree connections! (with no cost attached!)
  5. You may also be interested in / know.  Find your ideal talent without Boolean searching! Check out the People You May Know and You May Also Be Interested In widgets on the left of your main feed (it learns from your own network…) Plus your face shown on others' lists - so you may be inadvertently stalking
  6. Keep your network warm. 1 minute a day is all you need to spend to keep in the mind’s eye of your network. Congratulate people on their birthday, new job, promotion etc. via Keep In Touch. Watch this video on How many can you do in a minute?!
  7. Alumni. Track (follow) graduates – they might be your next placement or client! Plus you can source people from this screen. Head to the ‘Connections’ tab and watch our quick video about how to use this.
  8. Follow people. Keep tabs on prospective candidates or clients without the need of asking to connect by following them instead! Follow their publisher posts via their profile and the groups they are members of. (Stalk!)
  9. Main feed filter. Are your main contacts and clients (your connections) advertising vacancies, changing jobs, connecting with talent or other recruiters? Use the ‘All Updates’ filter to section off what you want to see – time saver!
  10. Tagging and filtering contacts. Manage your LinkedIn network by tagging your connections (their role / function / industry / speciality etc.) You can then find people quicker and send batch mails (for free!)

I think we forget that on the whole special media for recruitment is free. We have so many systems and tools at our disposal that we sometimes can't see wood (process) for the trees (tool).

The recruitment industry can be accused of making a real meal out of social media, and not getting any real return on investment. Make sure you at least use some of the tools above to re-engage effectively with this free tool.

(Thanks to UK Recruiter for Publishing this Blog)

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