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Whether you want to have your own Pinterest Boards or want to help others pin your stuff, here are some tips to successful Pinterest Marketing.

My previous Pinterest blog documented some pretty impressive, thought provoking stats about Pinterest.  See my tips below for some ideas on how to use Pinterest to get maximum value:

  1. Add the lovely Pinterest Facebook page app to your Facebook business pages.
  2. When you pin content, you also get the chance to Tweet that you have, thus alerting your Twitter followers – nice!
  3. Help me to help you: Make sure that you have an image that best describes your blog / web page.  Sometimes I find content that I want to pin, and when I do the image is naff (technical term) or worse still there isn’t one… and as a result I fear that people just won’t click onto the pin on my board and therefore I can’t direct traffic to your site.
  4. Don’t restrict yourself to pinning web pages – find images and video content too!
  5. When you pin, if you also add the URL of the web page you are pinning, it classes as a “Follow” – this is massively important for SEO (most sites when you add your URL are classed a “No Follow”)
  6. Check out what your competitors are doing… you can see who is following them and pinning their content.
  7. Follow your clients’ boards – your relationships with them depend upon you knowing what they do and how they think.
  8. Market your Pinterest board to your usual marketing marketing materials (email signatures, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, website etc…)
  9. Help me to pin your stuff by adding a Pinterest button to your blogs (jobs, content on your site).
  10. Have some fun with it – god forbid I see that you have a personality                         

We have  Pinterest boards - feel free to follow them, and if you need an invite to the site (it’s invite only), please contact me via Twitter or leave a comment at the end of this blog.

I am going to be blogging about Pinterest for Recruiters soon, so please keep in touch if this is of interest to you.

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