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We’ve written a few blogs on Slideshare. I hope by now you know about this crucial site, and you are planning on using it. But perhaps you have a mental block about what content to create to give you some return on investment.

I’m a big fan of the theory that Slideshare is not simply a place to dump your PowerPoint slides. It’s an opportunity to give your clients, candidates and talent the chance to learn more about you, buy in to you and most of all for you to speed up your business process….

Less Face Palming and Late Nights

Recruiters! Imagine not having to faff about looking for the company branded slides to send to your clients!

Recruitment Marketers! Imagine not having your head in your hands as a (well-meaning) recruiter has cocked a leg at your brand in an attempt to get something sent to a candidate.

So here are my starters (for 8) of slidedecks every recruiter (in-house or agency) should have not only on their server, but also on a publically accessible drive like Slideshare.

8 Slidedecks Every Recruiter Needs on their Slideshare

  1. Awards in your sector (the sector you support, not recruitment, you talent does not care!)
  2. Events in your sector (as above)
  3. I love learning about the team I’m going to work with, and there’s not harm in recruiters publishing a little content about themselves once in a while
  4. As much as you’ll hear me rant about not publishing your streams as a constant stream of consciousness, how about creating a deck of typical roles you specialise in?
  5. How about giving me some detail about the sectors you specialise in?
  6. Where are you online?  Can you devise a simple deck showing where you are online? LinkedIn company pages, Twitter, Google+ etc… If you tell me where you are, I’m more likely to find you.
  7. If you don’t tell me what you are and what you deliver I’m likely to pigeon hole you as a typical recruiter an you’re then reliant on me knowing a lot more about the industry than the average candidate or passive talent – make it easy for me know what your outcomes are by telling me. Hey – how about telling why I should work with you - what are the benefits?
  8. You don’t need many people to think you’re ace – so gather of few of them together, grab their lovely LinkedIn photos and brand (with their permission of course) and post their comments about you.  Social proof is crucial to recruiters, so market what others think of you.

I absolutely get that the typical recruiter is swamped with systems and processes to make them more competitive.  The above should give you some focus. We have further blogs about Slideshare planned – all with the aim of giving you some practical ideas about how to target your approach, so watch this space.

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