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I am a massive Hubspot fan… Why? Because they practice what they preach.  They are a superb resource for all things social media and business growth and they share their knowledge online.

They recently published a study suggesting that business blogging is up 17% in 2 years.

Businesses who do not blog are no longer the norm.


Personalized discovery, the method that buyers are using to make decisions about suppliers, is now the norm.  Buyers are checking their suppliers out on-line (and off-line) and taking control of their decision outside of the sales meeting (and often even prior).  Thus, blogging (along with other social media streams) is critical your strategy if you want to grow and add value to your brand.

I attended a really good meeting last week, that started with the client listing his issues, and ended with me stating that he had not asked any questions.  He responded  ”I’ve check you out, you seem to know your stuff.  I’ve done my homework”.  He seemed very confident in his decison to work with me (he should be…)  I didn’t even need to do a traditional pitch.


If you have a blog, think about what your strategy is… what are you sharing with your readers?  Why should they log on and read it?  If you don’t have a blog, what’s the reason?  Do you know how?  Do you know how to set one up?  What do you talk about?  How do you attract readers?  Specifically,  what is your strategy for letting your potential clients know what you stand for and how you do business?

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