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I've been asked to join a group of experts over at Recruitment Marketing Machine's online summit.

We're very excited to announce that we've been invited to take part in a 10-day free online event for the global recruitment industry. Roy Ripper is bringing together the biggest and most influential leaders in recruitment marketing to share their personal success strategies. 

When: 6-16 June
Where: Recruitment Marketing Machine (online)

What is the ROI? Is the question I get from every recruitment leader I speak to. They are looking for direct and immediate results (and why not?) from their marketing activities.

I'll talk about what my answer is and how I feel marketers, recruitment leaders and recruiters can and should measure ROI from marketing.

  • Why do recruiters or recruitment leaders often not see or feel ROI?
  • What are the Returns you should get from your Investment
  • Are there any quick wins to help with marketing ROI?

Not only are you getting free access to my expertise, I'm also giving away five free 30 minute consultation sessions to the first recruitment leaders who sign up below.

This is a call you don't want to miss.

If you're interested in getting some one on one time with me, simply fill in the form below.

Make sure you sign up before the event ends... the clock is ticking!


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